Teemu Selanne
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91 Club Podcast: Teemu Selanne

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10 thoughts on “91 Club Podcast: Teemu Selanne

  1. Edward Yetso Edward Yetso says:

    The balls on RW. I love it!!!

  2. “Strolling down a teal boulevard” — nicely done, Dan

  3. Craig Zimmer Craig Zimmer says:

    I really enjoyed this. Great work Dan.

  4. Just joined. Can’t wait to give this a listen during my workout.

  5. Sean Coleman Sean Coleman says:

    This was excellent! I love the opportunity to look back at our history and the inclusion of the radio clips makes me incredibly happy

  6. I still remember that game 7, I was 16. Pacing back and forth in my living room. But now that I’m 33, I see it differently. Just wasn’t our year. Lots of respect for Teemu, he always played hard as a shark and always treated the fans with respect. That means a lot. Glad he has fond memories of his time in real. He’ll always be welcome back.
    Maybe in a special assisting capacity???

  7. I’ve got to get that book. I’ve loved Teemu for decades.

  8. Xena says:

    This was great!

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