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Wallpapers: “Stealth Mode”

Download this week’s 91 Club graphics, created exclusively for members, plus get to know the graphic designers and the inspiration behind their art with new behind-the-scenes descriptions from the designers themselves.

This week’s wallpapers are called “Stealth Mode” and were created by Graphic Designer Jeffrey Rose (Twitter @imRoseHD). They feature Tomáš Hertl, Brent Burns, and the Stealth logo. This is what he had to say about the inspiration behind the art.

“For this week’s 91 Club wallpapers, my only goal was to work with the team’s Stealth look and feel, as I had not been given much of an opportunity before the NHL pause in March. These wallpapers are a time for us designers to stretch boundaries and explore creative possibilities. That is exactly what I tried to do here. Watching the time-lapse, you can see that I let the design choose its own direction. – Jeffrey Rose, Sharks Graphic Designer @imRoseHD

See below for a time-lapse video of the graphics being made and to download the wallpapers. Remember to comment at the bottom of the page with any questions or suggestions of players and ideas you may have for future 91 Club graphics!

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2 thoughts on “91 Club Graphics

  1. I got into being Sharks fan in 93/94 and think it would be cool if there was a wallpaper with the starting five from that team with the old logo involved. Also more goalies, Jones, Niemi, Hayward and his iconic goalie mask, and another Irbe because everybody likes “like wall”.

  2. I would love to hear a podcast with Jayson More. Jason became a personal friend and I would like to hear some inside stories from him

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