Mic’d Up: 91 Cut | Joe Thornton

Joe Thornton

Mic’d Up: 91 Cut | Joe Thornton

Sharks Joe Thornton gives a rare glimpse into his game play in this episode of Mic’d Up: 91 Cut.  Only the second time being mic’d up and first time since 2015-16, Jumbo has his full personality on display during a recent home game against the Vancouver Canucks. See more Mic’d Up episodes here.

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5 comments on “Mic’d Up: 91 Cut | Joe Thornton

    • Jerry Fecher on

      This is a great video! Thank you for making this available for those of us who are 1991 Club Members. Jumbo Joe Thornton is a living legend and his value to our-up-and-coming players is invaluable. I hope that he can spend the rest of his storied career in Teal!

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